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Your trip has to be safe, convenient and on a high-quality. Trippo Travel Team has thought about it, thus it's our main job creating memorable trips. Trippo Travel Team provides best offers, which respond to the most exotic demands and wishes.

For this purpose we have made advantageous agreements with hotels, villas, restaurants, transport and tourism agencies, in our country and abroad. So, we organize any trips and sightseeing according to the customer's choice.

Trippo Travel services meet the demands of many categories of tourists: from cultural products to "party" type products for young people. Agency website:, provides all needed information , presenting a lot of details about traveling and at the same time offering the possibility to make online reservations.

Benefiting from the contribution of a young, dynamic group, with experience in the field of tourism, the agency soon established itself as a reliable partner for both its customers and the tourism companies.


An online platform giving opportunity on choosing the directions type fly line, charter or low cost flights in real time.

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We made a successful partnership with hotels from the most visited places in the world and we offer you the most attractive prices and offers.

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With a highly qualified and well-organized staff behind us, we offer a complete range of tourist services along with the best specialists in the field.


A cruise has all the ingredients of a great vacation and if you are dreaming for days on a ship with exotic destinations and adventures on the horizon, then you are in the right place.

City Break

City Break is a recreational alternative that is becoming increasingly popular, where even through a weekend trip you can meet the most amazing destinations.


For your comfort and safety the Trippo Travel Team takes care to provide you with the airport-hotel and hotel-airport transfers.

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If you could leave tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would you be? History, beaches, mountains, nightlife ... These holiday destinations have everything you want.
Tourists from all over the world have searched the Trippo Travel website for flights to different countries. So here are the top destinations in the world.

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City Break

And if you go to discover the most beautiful cities in Europe?

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1 person

400 EURO

Excursion to the ceremonial palace of the French kings from the suburbs of Paris - Versailles.

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1 person

30 Euro

We will visit the main attractions of the eternal city, its symbol, the wonder of the world - the Colosseum!

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1 person

242 Euro

Louvre - modern architectural monument and the largest museum, which has no analogues in the variety and fullness of the ensemble.

image destinations
1 person

209 Euro

A walking tour through the historic center will introduce you to the main symbols of the famous city of Vienna.

image destinations
1 person

20 Euro

An adventure that involves both history and culture, as well as romantic walks along the Atlantic Ocean.

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Barcelona (red route)
1 person

20 Euro

The architecture, art, food, drink, and the night life, all blend into this wonderful city.

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